Media and Printing Specialist
Media and Printing Specialist

Taxi Advertising



Taxi is a GOOD MEDIA for Advertisement

 Taxis travels freely where the crowd usually are especially during peaks hours. Therefore, it is a really good media to be used for advertisement.Streaming between business towers, malls, towns as well as remote places. Taxis covers almost every place. They do not have fixed routes like  buses or rails therefore it is easier to spot them.


          Here are some good points to advertise on Taxi :

          1.    At eye level with most cars on the road.

          2.    No fixed routes and goes almost every where.

          3.   There are Greater Number of Taxis on the

                 road compared to other public transports.

          4.  It's a splendid moving advertisements.  


Outdoor advertising has great exposures and are more effective. Most advertisements are either captured and remembered conciouslyor sub-conciously, hence gives a sense of familiarity and recognition.

With familiarity and recognition, it influences in the purchasing power.