Media and Printing Specialist
Media and Printing Specialist

Bus Advertising



Buses indeed are great media for advertisement. It is BIG and BOLD with advantages that it is also a moving advertisement reaching to the heart of people.

Advertisement on Buses have tremendous exposure and it's effectiveness is indisputable. Consciously and sub-conciously, people do remember the advertisements that they have seen on transits. Similarly like Taxi, Buses go where people are. Moving across from working places, to shopping complexes and residential areas. However, different from Taxi, it cruises on it's own route path.

Fully Wrap the Bus with ADVERTISMENT. Have it CReATive, or Simple, it's a good media to use.

The whole bus can be used to advertise on, except for the windows and door ways.

Have you seen a bus advertisement lately ? You probably might recall a few.



The Bus Back Panel is one of the most impact full area for advertising. Those tailing the bus will be attracted by the advertisement pasted on it. Normally, the advertisement covers from the top until to the bumper.